Roberta Rose

Studio 14

Basket Weaving

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I want my work to realistically portray the world that we walk in every day, a part of the world that is not noticed. To represent that connection between the man-made world, the natural world, and the struggle between the two. It’s is a style I’ve come to call “An abstraction of hyper-realism through composition”.

By using various acrylic mediums, natural items such as sand or leaves, assorted papers, molded wax, and different types of clay, I hope to share with others the moments in life that may stir a memory or possibly bring about a new awareness of their surroundings.

Roberta Lynn Rose was born Southeast Missouri. Throughout her life she loved painting, pottery, woodworking, stained glass, sewing and various other fiber crafts as hobbies. Entering university she pursued art and science obtaining a B.S. in Graphic Arts and a B.S. in Art Education K-12 at Southeast Missouri State.

A few years after graduating, she moved to Michigan where she taught Instructional Graphics in the Television Production Dept. at Ferris State University. While in Michigan she continued to paint in watercolor and experimented in combining textured glass with her watercolor paintings.

After moving back to Missouri, she began seeing the potential in utilizing various skills learned from her hobbies, the result being textured acrylic mixed media paintings.

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