The Ameristar Gallery is usually home to the Foundry Art Centre's Emerging Artist Series.
Artists fresh on the art scene can display their work to introduce their style to the local art community. 

The Ameristar is currently displaying a Missouri Fiber Artists (MoFA) membership exhibition in conjunction with Quilt National.

Missouri Fiber Artists

Tall & Skinny


Missouri Fiber Artists has a motto, A Community Sharing the Love of Fiber. Fiber artists look for like-minded people to share ideas, workshops and camaraderie. Another activity we love is to just sit and hand stitch together, like our ancestors have done for centuries.

MoFA, as members fondly call our organization, gives us that opportunity with annual conferences and retreats. Exhibits like this one give us the opportunity to display the lovely work we make.

Featuring the works of:

Dora Agbas

Judy Cobillas

Kacey Cowdery

Katherine Ehlmann

Suzy Farren

Rebecca Grass

Candy Grisham

Liz Halsted

Laurie Harper

Deb Lewis

Pat Owoc

Rhonda Schrum

Phyllis Shipman

Polly Sievert

Kennita Tully

Dave Walker


Interested in being exhibited in the Emerging Artist Series?

The application form for 2020, 2021, & 2022 goes live on November 1.