Current Show


September 8 - October 9, 2016

Reception: Sunday, October 9, 2016 1-3pm

The annual “Mentor Me” exhibition is an opportunity for students and teachers to participate in a collaborative show. The purposes of “Mentor Me” are:

  • To recognize young artists for their creativity, imagination, interpretation and consistency of their work in the arts.

  • To recognize art teachers for their dedication in nurturing the arts within their students.

  • To recognize those schools committed to helping their students further develop their skills in the fine arts.

Pam Aubuchon
Bryan Middle School
Donovan Kuehn, 7th
Elise Voss, 7th
Lily Martin, 6th

Cindy Cooney
Christ, Prince of Peace
Gabe Flowers, 6th
Bridget Probst, 4th
Elizabeth Hickman, 7th  

Diane Earthman
Murphy Elementary
Michael Reinheimer, 1st
Sara Grace, 1st
Aadyn Russell, 1st

Elaine Eversgerd
Hazelwood West Middle School
Anna Nguyen, 7th
Jayden Webb, 7th
Saana Khan, 7th

Kristen Hall
Seckman Middle School
Gwen Santoscoy, 8th
Gabby Marsh, 7th
Avery Setlich, 7th  

Michelle Howard
House Spring Elementary
Haley Mauzy, 3rd
Danielle Slaughter, 3rd
Stormi Pinkston, KG

Melanie Robinson
Cedar Springs Elementary
Morgan Ellison, 2nd
Maddie Brown, 1st
Cameron Funke, 4th  

Richard Selby
Blackhurst & Null Elementar
Ella King, 3rd
April Zhang, 4th

Dawn Sorgea
St. Charles Borromeo
Melissa Garcia, 7th
Johanna Sanchez, 6th
Kiley Boyle, 2nd   

Carla Tuetken
Hazelwood West
Alexis Forrest, 11th
Emily Farinella, 11th
Holly Withington, 9th  



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