First Look: Mentor Me

An interview with Education Manager Eva Heinermann

Can you tell us a little bit about what Mentor Me is all about? 

Mentor Me is all about recognizing students and teachers together. Normally our children’s gallery shows are focused only on the kids, but this is an opportunity to highlight both the children and their teacher’s work as well. It recognizes the teacher’s efforts to educate their students about the arts, and recognizes the student’s imagination and creativity. 


How long has the Foundry been doing Mentor Me to complement the Mosaics Fine Art Festival and how do you see the two events working together? 

The Mosaics Festival and Mentor Me have been connected since their start 25 years ago. The two events work well together because both are involving the community with the arts. Mosaics brings a variety of media to people with painting, ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, things like that. Mentor Me gets educators and students to work together in the creative process of making an art piece and getting it ready for showing. Both events are reaching out to adults and children to get them involved in the arts, which is important.

How many schools are participating this year? What about individual students? 

There are 16 schools participating this year, with 42 kids total. Students range from kindergarten all the way through high school. 

What do you think is the most important part of the show?

I think the most important part is the opportunity this show gives the teachers and students. For some students this may be the first time they get to exhibit their work, and I’m sure as a kid it’s even more exciting when your teacher’s work is hanging right next to yours.