Caitlin Metz

Studio 17


Hi! I’m Caitlin Metz. I make books, take photos, and print stuff on paper. My work exists in a world between graphic design and fine art, I am excited about finding ways to connect the two. Always moving forward with technology, but not forgetting the art of perfecting a craft. Learning to respect the materials, and gaining appreciation for each discipline by working within the other.

My work deals with gender and identity, visual narratives and documentation of the mundane. I’m passionate about developing sustainable studio practices, connecting with women artists and creating spaces for exploration and learning.

Let’s make something together, lets challenge social constructs, lets take up space and use our voices. Let’s make some art. Let’s change the world!

Get in touch if you have cool idea for a collaboration, a question or just want to say hi.



$150.00 per 6 Week Session / 1hr weekly lesson

Middle + High School Students

Time of lesson can be worked out at registration.

Lessons will be tailored to each student's goals for portfolio development and their individual interests. Students will help create their own studio plan. Emphasis will be placed on the development of a daily practice at home. We will talk about contemporary + historical artists as relevant to their work. Conceptual art and design thinking will be at the forefront of lessons. Students will be taught to think visually and integrate research based on their interests/concerns into the work; the content will inform the form and materials used.


INSTAGRAM @caitie_metz