The Ameristar Gallery is home to the Foundry Art Centre's Emerging Artist Series.
Artists fresh on the art scene can display their work to introduce their style to the local art community. 


MAria Mohiuddin

Wax Paintings

June 29 - August 10, 2018

My artwork reflects my life experiences; eastern culture, western living.  I am South Asian created by a diplomat father and member of parliament mother from Bangladesh.  With a ‘tepid’ obsession with fire, circles, and wax, I want to be known through my art.  I care not about the way I look or what most think of me, but l want to be understood.  I want to be seen through my art and connect with others; to illustrate that we all have a common thread that connects our experiences.

My work is predominantly created in wax and oil pastels – materials that compliment my curious obsession with fire. I began this experimentation in wax paintings in 2005.  I began using wax as a predominant tool after destroying a displeasing piece of oil pastel with candle wax.    Once the wax dried and was peeled off, it left a wonderful textured marking on the paper. I began using wax on all my oil pastels, while saving the wax in a jar.  Once the jar was full, I began partially melting the wax drops on glass because there seems to be endless ideas for creating with wax drops. I soon began creating exclusively with wax.  The artwork presented in this exhibition is the latest evolution of my wax paintings.