Gallery III

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Forty Seven

November 18, 2016 – January 6, 2017

The process of looking, discovering and gathering is essential to my work.  I am drawn to items that many may consider overlooked and insignificant.  I draw inspiration from an object’s transition from useful to useless and how it can reflect societal values. In this body of work, I subvert the value of the discarded by using the glove as stand in for intimacy.

The glove can serve as a metaphor for connection in its many forms. There is a physical connection that exists between the glove and skin. A garment works as shelter for skin; its purpose is to provide warmth and protection. Similarly, people draw strength and security from the relationships we form with one another. Using discarded gloves, I draw attention to the value, importance, and desire for human connection in an industrialized world of increasing isolation.