Gallery III

"Delivered" | Betty Vera |Cotton and Jacquard tapestry

"Delivered" | Betty Vera |Cotton and Jacquard tapestry

Upcoming: Betty Vera

Urban Textures

December 15, 2017 - January 26, 2018

Urban environments are full of abstract designs created accidentally or intentionally by human activity. Scuffs and scrapes, stains, grid lines, surveyors’ markings, and graffiti fascinate me.  There are surprising juxtapositions of materials and texture in the urban environment. I like to create artwork in direct response to what I see. 

From the earliest cave paintings “signed” by a handprint, human beings have wanted to leave their marks. A sidewalk with wet cement is an open invitation for someone to say, “I was here.” Chain-link fences fail to keep taggers and graffiti artists from leaving messages on fenced-in walls.  These walls, along with current social tensions that create invisible fences, raise questions about identity, who is “in” and who is “out,” and why. 

Process and materials play an important role in my work. Fabricating my Jacquard tapestries on computerized industrial machinery has provided a wonderfully precise way to render surface detail and visual texture.  Weaving provides a way to “paint” with dots of color that combine to render an image, as in a pointillist painting. The difference here is that the color is not applied to a surface. It is the surface. In this sense, a tapestry is both image and object.