Gallery III

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Real Unreality

February 22 – April 5, 2019

For over thirty years I have been making art, primarily paintings. Many pieces are representational works; pleasant manipulations of composition, color, light. Other work has several semantic layers which present images and ideas about life and society. Having grown up in Poland in the 60’s and 70’s, these semantic pieces reflect my own observations of, and responses to life, loss and my country’s history, as well as other topics.

Artwork by Voytek

Artwork by Voytek

I have a deep interest in history and cultures, and a curiosity about society’s response to our world and our place in it. Because I am a skilled artist, I have the ability to explore these ideas with the public, one viewer at a time. Such a public presentation of this work, that reaches many people at a time, is a gift for me for sure and hopefully, for the public as well.

I strongly believe the future of art is in multi-medium. Two easily accessible mediums; painting and sound, are now a focus of mine. A third element is that of the viewer. With these proposed pieces, I am interested in starting a conversation with the public. The work is more than just pleasing, it is meant to interact with the viewer, the public, to be provocative and ask difficult questions about our everyday fears, about standing up for our beliefs, and about human nature and our constant desire, across cultures, to correct our imperfections, and perhaps the potential and unintended consequences of such actions.