Gallery III

Angela Carbone

Sugarcoated Truth

August 17 - September 28, 2018

 Artwork by Angela Carbone.

Artwork by Angela Carbone.

Twenty-First century life integrates regular exposure to controversial cultural, societal, and economic issues. News media consistently bombards us with imagery of violence, war, politics, religion and perspectives on finance. Media has purposely manipulated these ideas. Visually stimulating imagery captures the audience's attention force-feeding complex interpretations to cleverly mask overwhelming truths. Disenchanted and misguided, portions of society are left to riddle through facts in search of truth, liberty and justice.

Through the use of multiple ceramic objects, a layered symbolic dialogue confronts the viewer with a sense of diametric opposition. As the viewer approaches the work for closer examination, the attractive decorative quality of each individual object contrasts the discernment of the unabridged image. The viewer’s analysis of cultural, social and economic issues, encourages contemporary interpretations of liberty and justice. If the work can only provoke a spirited and meaningful dialogue, it accomplishes more than mainstream media has achieved in our current political climate.