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Lon Brauer

'Going Solo' Award-winner from Humankind


February 2 - March 16, 2018

New Yorker | Lon Brauer | Oil & enamel on panel

New Yorker | Lon Brauer | Oil & enamel on panel

Cars. Machines. They come from the factory with uniformity. One is identical to the other. All same parts, all same construction. Time and use make them individuals.

The following is a portfolio of portraits - portraits of design, function, and road experience. In my driveway sits a 2002 Chrysler Town & Country. The hood has some cosmetic damage. The paint has faded. There is a sizable dent on the left rear quarter-panel. One headlight is missing. Battery still cranks and tires are not bad, but the engine is toast. Thrown rod. Odometer reads 265,347. I bought this car used in 2012 from a young couple in Warrenton, MO. It had bells and whistles that I certainly did not need but came to enjoy and appreciate. For five years it was my workhorse. Comfortable to drive.
Dependable. Always ready to serve. Now it is what it is. Soon destined for a trip to the junkyard, it sits. Not alive, not dead. Just there. Metal, plastic, rubber, and wires. So it goes with old vehicles. All have an expiration date. But they often live on as objects of beauty in their individuality.

Cars scattered about the landscape like so many tombstones. Rusting hulks that were once new machines direct from the factory now sit in the weather and slowly rust away. They carry with them stories that speak to their history.
Monuments to time and utility.


Lon Brauer is an American artist known for his work in figure and plein air landscape. He has a BFA from Washington University and an MFA from Fontbonne University – both in St. Louis. Born in 1955 and coming of age in the early seventies, he has roots in the abstract expressionist movement. He had the good fortune in those early days to have worked under Arthur Osver and Barry Schactman while at Wash U. His work is a mix of the abstract with the representational bringing an impressionistic use of paint and materials to create images that challenge the viewer with new perspectives on the landscape genre. Lon’s paintings feature strong subjects but there is always a balance being maintained with the application of materials. He looks to create a history of mark making that shows the work of hand and mind.

“I had a long and successful career as a studio photographer before getting back into painting. That experience – working with photo images – has influenced how I approach composition. The camera is mechanical so camera placement, focal length, and creative lighting determine point of view. I keep that in mind when I construct my paintings filling it with surprises.”Brauer has shown his work both nationally and overseas. He travels extensively each year with plein air events. Home is in Granite City, IL where he owns and operates Lon Brauer Studios.

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'Going Solo' Award-winner from Soapbox

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