Grace lin & james wu

Studio 14

Chinese painting, watercolor, and oil

Chinese Painting & Watercolor classes

Open to beginner to advanced - no experience necessary. New students are welcome to join classes at any time by arrangement. These classes emphasize technique through demonstrations, and help students develop artistry in all styles of art.  

Chinese Painting Techniques classes:

SATURDAYS | 7/7-8/25

10:00am - 12:30pm

Open to beginner to advanced - no experience necessary. New students are welcome to join classes anytime! The classes emphasize in techniques demonstrations, and help artist students develop artistry in all styles of art. Chinese Painting Techniques classes: Artist Grace Lin offers Chinese Painting classes to anyone who is interested in Chinese arts. Students will experience and enjoy painting with bamboo brush, ink and colors on rice paper. They will be systematically step-by-step introduced to the special implements used in this techniques and materials. Especially, they will be instructed on how to hold the brush properly and the use of various brush strokes. Grace's detailed step-by-step explanations and live demonstrations will enable you to create free or spontaneous style Chinese brush painting with ease.

Through the study of traditional Chinese ink mixed with watercolor on rice paper, participants will become familiar with the amazing potential of this special medium and enjoy the spontaneity of Chinese brush painting.


SUNDAYS | 7/22 - 9/9

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Artist James Wu offers watercolor classes to different levels. Learning watercolor techniques from various objects: Florals, Still-life, Landscape, Portrait, Birds and Animals.

The classes will consist of demonstrations. Designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Watercolor classes will be focused on technique studies, skills in brush strokes and mixing colors techniques. Thoroughly investigate on watercolor wet on wet techniques to enjoy the fluid nature of the medium invites surprises. Students will learn to using the five design elements of color, shape, value, texture and line to create free flowing shapes of objects by using variety colors with a full range of values from light transparency to dark pigment.

Open to beginner to advanced - no experience necessary.

 Grace Lin & James Wu

Grace Lin & James Wu

Artwork by Grace Lin

Artwork by James Wu

Grace Lin earned a Masters degree at Fontbonne University. She has being teaching Drawing, Figure Drawing, Oil Painting, Watercolor, and Chinese Painting for more than 15 years at St. Louis universities and colleges. She did Chinese Painting demonstrations at St. Louis Art Museum, and Missouri Botanical Garden. She has taught Chinese painting workshops at Taipei Fine Arts Museum in Taiwan, Missouri Botanical Garden and Foundry Art Centre.

Currently, she teaches Chinese Brush Techniques at Fontbonne University. Artist website:

James Wu is an international award-winning painter in watercolor & oil painting. He has a Master of Fine Art in painting. He has been teaching painting, watercolor, drawing and figure drawing for more than 16 years at University of Missouri St. Louis and Community Colleges in the US. and has taught 10 years studio arts in Taiwan. Artist website:

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*for a meeting with Grace or James, please contact by email or phone to confirm availability prior to your visit.

Phone: (314) 603-5874