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About the Artist

Natalie Schloss was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Fortunately, her intensely musical family recognized that Natalie’s gifts happened to lie in the realm of the visual arts. As siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles pursued a variety of classical instrumental studies,  Natalie was encouraged to go her own way, beginning her formal art training at an early age in a variety of serious “beaux arts” programs, including classes at the St. Louis Art Museum. In 2007, she entered a regional competition, which awarded her a scholarship for summer art classes at Fontbonne University. The following summer, she was nominated for, and was awarded, a scholarship to the Missouri Fine Arts Academy at Missouri State University.

Natalie’s decision to attend the University of Dallas might seem a counter-intuitive decision for a young artist with a serious commitment to a career in the arts. Indeed, given the abilities which she had been working so diligently to develop, a BFA from an academy of fine arts would have been the next logical step.  Yet it was Natalie’s very immersion in her art that prompted her to aspire to the kind of holistic intellectual, cultural, and spiritual foundation—that is, an education embodying the best of the western Catholic academic tradition-- that is only to be found at the University of Dallas.  Natalie graduated cum laude in 2013, earning a BA in Art with an emphasis on painting and art history. She currently resides in St. Louis, where she paints and teaches out of her studio at the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Missouri.

For Natalie, the glory of God is inextricably bound to every aspect of the creative process —from the magnificence of nature to the very existence of an innate sense of creativity which enables man to produce a material culture of beauty and utility.   Thus it should come as no surprise that landscapes involving church architecture and other personally (to her or to her clients) meaningful structures take up a large part of her portfolio. 

As an emerging and award-winning artist, Natalie’s body of work is continually evolving as she looks for new ways to capture life’s beauty and to share her faith. Recent work includes paintings of religious subjects such as St. Louis and St. Michael the Archangel, as well as a collage piece of the Holy Family and a California Mission church. She also accepts commissions for original graphic designs for wedding invitations and other milestones, such as births, baptisms, and anniversaries.


I create paintings of understated beauty.

I am inspired by artists that create multi-layer pieces, and captivated by artwork with multiple layers. 

I provide a fresh perspective on the world, observing the charming, tranquil, and magnificent creation that is God’s.

I see the beauty in the ordinary.

I capture both the iconic and the atypical by means of an abstract angle of tradition.

I immerse viewers in a world that is intellectual, cultural, and spiritual.

I build charming, meaningful, and tranquil visions of the world through changing landscapes and religious subjects.

Class Information


This class offers instruction to HomeSchool students of various ages and artistic levels. Students will learn foundational skills, as well as art history, through media exploration, creative self-expression, right-brain drawing techniques, and much more. Through new tips, techniques, and processes each budding "studio artist" will complete art projects of all forms. 

$ Special Pricing for HomeSchool Students / 4 weeks / (For HomeSchool Students, basic supplies are needed - sketchbook, pencils, etc. and may vary based on the needs of the project).


This introductory level art class introduces students to a variety of art materials, “art through the ages,” and techniques appropriate for this age level.  Beginning students will learn the basics of creating art of multiple forms through guided instruction that emphasizes the process as well as the product.  From 2-D to 3-D artwork, students will be engaged in projects that provide opportunities for learning and expression in a creative manner.  

$ 99 / 4 weeks / (For beginner students, basic supplies are needed - sketchbook, pencils, etc.)


This class further develops the use of a variety of art materials and provides opportunities for the students to explore artistic materials in a creative way.  Intermediate students will create drawings, paintings, and three dimensional art pieces to advance their skills and techniques. Additionally, students will study the historical and cultural contributions of art, through a survey of art movements and artists from around the world. 

$119 / 4 weeks / (For intermediate students, basic supplies are needed - sketchbook, pencils, etc.)


This class continues to develop the student’s technical and artistic growth through project work.  Experienced students will be challenged with customized projects and subject matter, and, through in-depth exploration of artistic media and techniques, students will create projects that speak to their individual artistic vision.  Additionally, through a survey of art movements from around the world, the student will explore the historical and cultural contributions art has made to our world.  

$139 / 4 weeks / (For advanced students, required supplies will vary based on the needs of the project)


This class offers studio time, workshops, and mentoring to assist teens who seek a future in the arts in preparing well-rounded portfolios –– vital for admission to college arts programs! Students will participate in gallery visits, studio workshops, and portfolio review sessions. Visits to a variety of galleries and studios provide insight into professional artists and their work. Participants learn new art-making methods and will create artwork during studio time that can be added to their portfolio. Critiques and active discussions about art and the local arts scene strengthen the student's knowledge and encourage engagement with area arts organizations. 

$160 / 4 weeks / (For college prep students, required supplies will vary based on the needs of the project)


This class is a specially designed program for children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder / ADHD. Students are provided the space and opportunity to be creative through various art-making activities. Guided by an art instructor and assisted by an experienced special education teacher, students will be encouraged to use a variety of media including graphite, soft and oil pastels, colored pencils, and paints.

$180 / 4 weeks / (For Art on the Spectrum Students, all supplies will be provided)

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Contact Information

Studio Hours

Tuesday - Thursday: 10am-6pm

Friday: 10am - 5pm

Saturday: by Appointment

Sunday - Monday: CLOSED

*hours subject to change -- if you would like to meet with Natalie, please contact her to confirm availability prior to your visit.


My daughter is taking private art lessons with Ms. Schloss to aid in developing her portfolio for college. Ms. Schloss is a talented professional artist and a kind and courteous teacher. She has introduced my daughter to many different art forms and strengthened her technique in several areas. With her help, I feel my daughter will be very well prepared for her college application process!

– Dana Hoffman

Miss Natalie’s class is very fun and I’ve learned a lot about drawing techniques. I like that I am able to choose subjects for my drawings in her class. 

- Eric Nohara-LeClair

My son took to Miss Natalie right away. He already liked art but has grown as an artist since he started class a year ago. We like the option of private lessons in order to work around Eric’s other commitments. 

- Michiko Nohara-LeClair