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My Medicine East Meets West - Galaudet Gallery

Exhibition Dates: June 18 – September 18, 2017
Entries Due: April 26, 2017

East Meets West wants the artists to look at the differences and similarities between these two cultures on healing and submit works that play to this theme. What is your medicine? An Eastern approach that has largely been seen as mystical and natural based on 1000’s of years of tradition and experience that at times has trouble incorporating new ideas or a Western approach that is seen as more scientific with strong roots in a body/mind focus that at times excludes any healing that is found “outside” the body. Galaudet Gallery wants to see work that reflects either of these systems, both these systems or a merging of both. 

Galaudet Gallery sees your art and both these systems as integral to 21st Century healing. Globally this has been seen as a merging of traditions into a more personalized approach to medicine. 

Artworks larger than 5 feet in any direction or weighing more than 100 pounds are ineligible. Maximum of 3 artworks may be submitted per artist. 

All fine arts media are acceptable including: watercolor, drawing, pastel, painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, digital art, etchings, monotype, monoprint, silk screen, lithography, collagraph, fiber art, book arts, etc. Feel free to contact the gallery at galaudetgallery@gmail.com with any questions.


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