2018 Summer camps

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The Foundry Art Centre offers a variety of visual art camps for Kindergarten - High School. Camps run from June 4 - August 3, Monday through Friday, half day or full day sessions. We invite children to join us for multiple classes of their favorite camps. Each session brings excitement and creativity to an array of different projects and mediums in each class, including cartooning, drawing, fibers, mixed media, painting, and sculpture. Camps will end on Friday with a mini reception for friends and family to see and hear about the artwork created throughout the week.

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Half Day Camps

$120 | $108 FAC Members

Full Day Camps

$190 | $171 FAC Members

Each camp consists of two sessions: an AM session and a PM session. Each session has a different theme & teacher. Enroll your child in either a half-day camp or a full-day camp! Camps run Monday - Friday.

AM Sessions | 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

PM Sessions | 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM


K - 2nd Grade

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AM Session: Fun with Animals | Students will be introduced to refining their drawing, painting and sculpting skills when creating a variety of different animals. Your little artist will become elbow deep in such materials as papier mache, learning how to use recycled materials such as making fish from cd’s, shadow drawings and much, much more

PM Session: Exploring the Safari through Painting |Students will learn many different painting techniques in this afternoon of fun. They will pick up how to paint an array of animals that you may run it on safari in the Serengeti, including but not limited to, giraffes, collaged lions, and elephants.

AM Session: Wandering in the Woods | Students will embark on a journey of using a host of different mediums and materials in class. They will investigate the wonderful art of painting rocks, creating a clay turtle and fashion their own woodland creature collage.

PM Session: Feeling the Waves, Ocean Art |Students will explore a myriad of different skills to fabricate the mysterious creatures from the sea. They will learn how to make glow in the dark octopi, create an underwater selfie, and assemble a paper plate aquarium.

AM Session: Arctic Adventures | In this class students will put on their boots and winter coats as they dash off into the Arctic. They will prepare to build a husky dog sculpture, fabricate animals out of clay and use chalk pastels  as a resist technique to create inspiring arctic adventures.

PM Session: A Bit of Zen with Zentangles |Students will unlock the mystery of Zentangles and how to create them. Thought to be relaxing and meditative, Zentangles are best associated with well know artist M.C Escher.

AM Session: Under the Sea | Students will unlock their inner oceanographer. Gear up with their snorkels and fins where they will investigate the beautiful unknown of collaged sea garden, sea horse paintings and fish sculptures. You never know you might just run into Sebastian.

PM Session: Illustration |Students will enter a world of interpretation and visual exploration of creating super heroes, painting fun and creative emoji’s, as well as a larger than life comic strip.


AM Session: Artapolooza

PM Session: Art Sampler |Students will learn basic drawing techniques and sharpen their observational skills to create exciting art projects. Subject matter includes still life, landscapes, animals and people. We will be drawing, painting, and using mixed media.


AM Session: America the Beautiful | Students will step back in time where cataloging was done by sketching not photography. Students will use Georgia O’Keefe’s flower making process as an influence in creating a chalk collage with southwest influences while sharing focus on making pictures with a firework design to represent our Nations Independence.


PM Session: Mixed Media Galaxy Week |Students will become mini Neil deGrasse Tyson’s and learn about the wonders of our solar system through creating space helmets to blast off in to outer space. Once in outer space students will create their own alien and spaceship that they come in contact with while investigating our galaxy.

AM Session: Portrait Drawing | Students will produce Picasso influenced self-portraits and silhouetted portraits. After conquering the basic rules for drawing a portrait student will create full size body outlines and execute what they have learned to create more interest and intrigue in their outline drawings.

PM Session: Nature Paintings |Students will compose Kandinsky inspired tree collages. They will learn about what a terrarium is and how to produce their own mini woodland wonderland. Students will also acquire inspiration from nature and forge vibrant and electrifying leaf watercolor paintings.

AM Session: Artistic Explosion | Reading stories like Anansi the Spider and Mice is Nice will influence the creation of many exciting projects. Through an exciting exploration of materials such as sculpture, weaving, painting batik, students will create a myriad of appealing creation.

PM Session: Illustration |Students will enter a world of interpretation and visual exploration of creating super heroes, painting fun and creative emoji’s, as well as a larger than life comic strip.

3rd - 5th Grade

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AM Session: Colors of the Carribean | This is a perfect camp for students to engage the colors of the Caribbean. They will produce impressive projects such as a sea turtle sculptures, sea glass mosaics and amusing creativity with jelly fish.

PM Session: Winslow Homer Watercolor |Students will create large scale water color, a clay sculpture finished with water colors and watercolor paintings. We will talk about who Homer was as a painter, journalist and illustrator. Students will explore how he became the first artist to use wet on wet water color technique.

AM Session: Cuba and Frida Kahlo Art | In this camp students will create 2d and 3d art relating to Cuba and Mexico. We will focus on papier mache and self-portraits in a similar style to Kahlo. We will discuss Cuban Art and hoe Kahlo became famous for her self portraits.

PM Session: Folk Art and Grandma Moses| In this camp students will focus on making folk art. Students will learn the important role Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson) role in the Folk art movement.

AM Session: Cubist Art and Picasso | In this camp students will construct a Cubist portraits, sculptures, and ingenious collages influenced by Picasso and Braque, two highly influential artists during the Cubist movement.

PM Session: John James Audubon| In this session students will go back in time to create botanical journals, documenting nature through drawings and fun facts. Audubon is one of the most well know bird painters in the world; he has painted over 400 birds in watercolor. Student wills visit one of the Foundry’s working artist, Jody Williams who specializes in botanical art and photography.

AM Session: Katsushika Hokusai (Printmaking) | This camp will introduce students how to create Gyotaku (Japanese Fish Prints). Students will embellish prints with inks and watercolors and create a large 3d sculpture referencing Hokusai’s famous prints and paintings.

PM Session: Old Master Renaissance | This class will teach students how to mix their own egg paints using eggs and pastel chalks. They will make Frisco Plaques using plaster of paris, watercolors and tempera paints. They will create drawings in the style of Michelangelo and Giotto.

AM Session: Observational Drawing and Painting | Students will develop their basic drawing and painting skills through observation. They will use a variety of individual and mixed media. Students will observe trees, still lives, city escapes, people and animals.

PM Session: Comics and Zentangle | In this session students will create their own comics and learn how to introduce zentangles into their work. They will experiment with different mediums to create their comics, then create a 3D sculpture based on their creation as well as entangling themselves in the art of zentangles (repeating pattern, similar to M.C. Escher)

AM Session: Egyptian Art | Students will examine Egyptian culture and art. Through the creation of 3D sculptures, Egyptian perfume/cologne, along with Egyptian drawings and symbolism students will feel transported directly into the desert.

PM Session: Cuban and South American Art | Students will learn about the similarities and differences between their local culture and school system versus Cuban/ South American culture and schools. They will construct sculptures, paintings, and drawings based on their newly acquired education.

AM Session: African Art | Students will learn about African art and culture. Most importantly how to create sculptures referencing African culture and their own korhogo mud clothes and the significance they hold in African culture.

PM Session: Native Americans of the Northwest Coast | In this camp, students will migrate through the tundra in order to create Eskimo laughing masks, a variety of sculptures and Kwakiutl (totem poles). Students will learn about the Native Americans of the Northwest’s folklore and legends surrounding their culture.

AM Session: The Orient | Students will gain an understanding about Asian culture and symbolic history associated with the Orient.  The knowledge acquired during this session will aide in the creation of projects such as plaster dragons, a sumo wrestler sculpture, paper lanterns, and Chinese food still life.

PM Session: Japanese Fish Prints |This camp will introduce students how to create Gyotaku (Japanese Fish Prints). The students be directed on embellishing their prints with inks and watercolors, where they will then embark on creating a large 3D sculpture referencing Hokusai’s famous prints and paintings.

6th - 8th grade

AM Session: Comics | In this camp students will be transformed back in time where Sunday Comics was a must read and create their own large scale comic strips and 3D sculptures referencing and influenced by their  comic strip characters. We will explore the life and creation of Jim Davis’ work, which he is best known for the Garfield comic strip.

PM Session: Sea Creature Creations | In this oceanic exploration students will paint amazing sea creatures from narwhals and angler fish to mythical creatures like merpeople and the Loch Ness monster. Students will then dive deeper to create sunken treasures and the pirate ships they might have belonged to.

AM Session: Art Exploration | This class is a great way for students to learn the ins and outs of how to create art using multiple types of mediums. Improving the combination of different material and how they can be used in tandem with one another.

PM Session: Abstract Art |This class will focus on famous artist from the abstract movement such as Kandinsky, Rothko, and Klee; just to name a few. Students will experiment with materials such as watercolors, acrylics, pastels, colored pencil, ink and collage made famous through the Abstract Movement

AM Session: The Art of Nature | Jump in a Jeep and come explore the great outdoors through art. Students will focus on the endless animals, landscapes and cityscapes that will be used to create their masterpieces using a multitude of media such as collage, paint, markers, and weaving.

PM Session: Fantastic Faces and Super Selfies |This is not your traditional portraiture project, we will use faces as the main inspiration to create expressive portraits and art from various mediums. Students will investigate and experiments with everything from realistic to abstract portraits to bright and colorful cartoonesque creations.

AM Session: Mixed Media | This class will explore variously different styles and melding of materials to create intriguing surface texture and design within a multitude of projects.

PM Session: Pop Art Painting and Collage |This class will investigate the Pop Art movement. Students will learn about some of the most iconic individual of that era, artist such as Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Peter max. Students will explore how artists experimented with vibrant colors in large scale, broad expressive brush strokes synonymous with the Pop movement.

AM Session: Surreal Landscapes | Students will create animals and plants with an added combined feature of landscape with in the silhouettes. You will learn about the surrealist movement all the while taking an influential trip to Ancient Egypt to investigate traditional papyrus paintings and how they relate to one another.

PM Session: A Bit of Zen with Zentangles | Zentangle is a method of drawing repeating patterns that mirror artist M.C Escher’s art work. This method allows you to discover the fun, creative and relaxing qualities you can achieve through repetition.

AM Session: Botanical Bonanza | Students will step back in time where cataloging was done by sketching not photography. Students will use Georgia O’Keefe’s flower making process as an influence in creating a  painting by observation through botanical still life and Santa Fe influence.

PM Session: Amazing Animal Investigation | Students will create dimensional drawings and paintings of animal collages. You will learn how to plan your painting, model your subject with value, color temperature, edges, and so much more.

AM Session: Frankenstein Animals | In this camp students will become Dr. Frankenstein and Salvador Dali combined to create dyour own anthropomorphic animals. You will create, combine, and mold your own bread. If you want to expand your creative desire to invent/ create  your perfect pet, this in the class for you.

PM Session: Space Exploration | Do you want to be an astronaut like Buzz Aldrin or an astrophysicist like Neil deGrasse Tyson and investigate the hidden corners of our universe and learn about the wonders of our solar system? In this class you will learn how to execute a nebula painting. Create and design your own alien and the planet it came from as well as their personal spaceship or rocket.

AM Session: Graffiti Mini Murals  | Have you heard of Banksy? Students will design and paint their own mini murals that can translate into a large scale community project in the future. You will be given an image of an existing wall out in the world to create your mural/ beautification project. Other project will include mosaics that can be integrated into your mural, as well as a poster promoting your ideas for your project.

PM Session: Amazing Animal Investigation | In this oceanic exploration students will become oceanographers that paint amazing sea creatures from narwhals and angler fish to mythical creatures like merpeople and the Loch Ness monster. Students will then dive deeper to create sunken treasures and the pirate ships they might have belonged to.

9th - 12th grade

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PM Session: Architectural Drawing | Students will learn the importance of composition, line, one point perspective and value (shading) by drawing architectural structures. The Foundry Art Centre will be part of the subject matter. Weather permitting; the class will draw inspiration from surrounding buildings, streets and sidewalks. Students will investigate the use of different drawing mediums such as graphite, charcoal, pencil, and conte.

PM Session: Foundations of Painting and Drawing | This class will focus on the expanding upon the basic fundamentals of drawing techniques and concepts for painting on canvas and other traditional and nontraditional surfaces. Students will investigate the use of different drawing mediums such as graphite, charcoal, pencil, and conte.