Frequently Asked Questions


How recent does my work have to be to enter the show?
Your work must have been made in the last three years. This is to ensure we are sharing contemporary work with our viewers and representing you best as an artist.  Both you and the public deserve your most current and evolved artwork.

How does the jurying process work?
After the entry deadline, a digital presentation of all submitted entries is made for the juror. Each jpeg is shown to the juror along with the title, media, and dimensions of the work as submitted by the artist. Artists’ names are never given to the juror during the jurying process and no one at the FAC has any influence on your artwork’s acceptance into the exhibition. The juror thoughtfully selects the artwork and our Exhibitions Manager, Kaitlin, contacts artists by mail about their acceptance/rejection. If juror’s awards are given (see Call for Entry under “Awards”) for the specific exhibition you enter, the awards will be announced at the Opening Reception at 7:00pm. No one will be informed about the awards until this time.

How do I know if my work is accepted?
On the Call for Entries timeline, a date is listed as to when artists will be notified of their acceptance/rejection into a juried exhibition. Visit to view the current calendar. If you have not received any notification after a reasonable time (3-5 days), contact the Exhibitions Manager directly as your letter may have been lost in the mail. We will notify you in either case.

Can I enter work that has already been in an FAC exhibition?
No. You may not submit artwork that has already shown in our galleries. We ask that you do not submit twice so that our exhibitions are a new experience each time; repeat artwork can render our galleries monotonous and unprofessional. 

May I bring in my artwork to the FAC to enter an exhibition?
No. Do not bring your artwork to the facility in order to enter an exhibition. The only acceptable way to enter an exhibition is to submit jpegs of your artwork for juror consideration. As outlined on the Call for Entries, you may submit your jpegs via the online Formstack form or by e-mail. At this time, you must also include all requested information and entry fee. 

What do you mean by “dimensions”?
We are asking for the size of your finished, framed piece. Please list dimensions as height x width x depth. Depth must only be included if your work is three-dimensional and is not necessary for 2D wall hangings.

What do you mean by “medium”?
Here we are asking for the materials and processes used in your piece. Examples of mediums are “photography, digital photography, print, oil, watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, clay, bronze, fibers, collage, paper, mixed media”, etc. These are only examples and this is by no means a comprehensive list! Use your best judgment to tell us the primary material(s) used to make the piece of artwork.

Do I need to write an artist statement or provide an artist bio?
No. This information is optional. Your work is given the same attention and care without these statements; however, we give you the opportunity to submit them in case the juror would like supplemental information on your pieces during jurying or information about you after jurying. This also helps the FAC Exhibition Manager better understand you and your work, and therefore better able to discuss it with our guests and buyers. Visitors are often curious about the work in our juried shows and your additional information can assist us in talking about it with them. Typical artist statements and bios are brief—approximately 3-5 sentences.

Do I have to sell my artwork?
Not necessarily. If your work is unavailable for purchase, please mark it “NFS” (shorthand for “not for sale”) while in the submission process. Keep in mind that we do sell work from our shows, and have active art collectors visiting. We will do our best to promote you and your work, so be sure to provide us with information that is helpful to this end. For example, if a piece in the gallery is NFS, do you have a website we can refer buyers to? If your work is for sale and is sold while in our exhibition, the FAC receives a 35% commission. Please plan accordingly when pricing your artwork.


Do I need to frame my 2D artwork for an exhibition I’ve been accepted into?
Yes. All two-dimensional artwork must be ready to hang on the gallery wall when you hand-deliver your work at the scheduled time or when you ship it to the FAC.

“Ready for hanging” means the artwork must be suitably framed and have all hardware installed for hanging. For example, a print must be behind glass or plexiglass and in a frame suitable for its size. Frames must be made of presentable material (aluminum, wood, metal, etc.) and appropriate for a high-caliber gallery space.

The hardware on the back must consist of a wire attached to the frame between one-third or one-quarter of the way down the sides of the piece so it lays flat against the gallery wall. Do not use saw-tooth hangers or other hanging methods. No artwork will be displayed on an easel unless it is part of the artwork.

Unframed, stretched canvas pieces are acceptable as long as they are ready to hang with wire hangers and the sides are given appropriate attention and care. The sides of your canvas will be visible and need to be treated as carefully as the rest of the piece. If your piece requires a different presentation or hanging method, please contact the Exhibition Manager directly to discuss it. Exceptions can be made only if it is intentional, necessary, and approved by the FAC staff. 

We require this so that the exhibition as a whole looks professional and inviting. Thoughtful framing & presentation are just as important as the artwork itself. We will maintain our gallery standards both for our own credibility as a fine art gallery and in an effort to present your work as well as possible to our visitors. We appreciate and respect your work and have these rules to ensure they are viewed in the best manner possible.

How should I package my artwork for shipping?
The higher the quality of your packing materials, the higher the likelihood of your artwork arriving without damage. No damaged work will be included in our exhibitions. We recognize your artwork is one-of-a-kind and extremely valuable to us all!

There are many different methods to packaging artwork but there are a few rules that everyone can follow.

Clamshell box with foam inserts.

Framed 2D artwork should always be wrapped in bubble wrap, cloth, or material that will act as a cushion. It can then be placed in a clamshell box with foam inserts.

It can also be sandwiched or wrapped in cardboard and put into a box. Make sure to pad any extra space in the box with packaging material such as bubble wrap, bags of air, or foam. Please refrain from using packing peanuts.

The same methods can be used for 3D pieces. Never force a piece into a box that is too small; a stretched cardboard box will rip and wear in the delivery process and artwork can be easily broken.

How should I make sure my artwork gets back to me after the exhibition?
When you ship your piece, include a prepaid shipping label. If we do not receive a prepaid shipping label for your artwork and it is not sold during the exhibition, the artwork becomes property of the FAC to dispose as we see fit. Do not assume your work will be sold, or omit this inclusion in the hopes it will be. We all hope and will work to sell your pieces and share them with the public, but if they do not sell, it is a great inconvenience to organize and wait for you to send a label after the exhibitions close. We arrange outgoing shipping as efficiently as possible and have the considerations of packing, arranging pick-ups, drop-offs, and safe storage not only of your work, but that of all the other artists’ pieces of the current and upcoming exhibitions. We want your work safely and quickly returned to you as much as you do!

We’ve worked with all kinds of shipping companies and can accommodate your preferences. If you need a place to start, visit the websites or locations of UPSFedExDHL or USPS. A proper shipping label should have a barcode on it. If it does not have a barcode on it, your label has been incorrectly printed.

DO NOT SEND STAMPS TO SHIP BACK YOUR ARTWORK. We will add them to our stamp collection and wait for a prepaid shipping label.

How should I label my packaging?
The more information you include, the better. Of course a return address is the most helpful, but additionally, include a piece of paper with the following information:

Your name

The Title of Your Piece

Dimensions of Your Piece

Your Address

Your Phone Number

Optional: an Image of your Artwork


This way we can easily locate your packaging when it is time to ship your artwork back to you.   

What happens if my artwork arrives damaged?
This is not the outcome any of us hope for and we are sure your packing and our careful unpacking will avoid this at any cost. In the event of this worst case scenario, however, we will contact you immediately to discuss the damage and possible solutions. With your approval, we will do everything reasonably in our power to repair your artwork. The FAC has relationships with excellent fine art shops in the area that have repaired damaged artwork in the past, such as cutting new glass for frames that have arrived with shattered glass, cutting a mat that has become wet during shipping, etc. If the damage is too extensive, we may ship back to you. It pains us to do this as we would love to show your artwork in the galleries but we have no choice if the artwork arrives damaged beyond repair. One precaution you may take is to purchase insurance on your delivery. Also, refer to the packaging instructions provided in the FAQ to save you grief and extra expenses. If you properly package your artwork, you will have less to concern yourself with.


Can I change the title or price of my work after I enter it for jurying?
Yes, you may. All titles or prices may be changed up to two days prior to the exhibition. We ask for all changes to be submitted by that time because we print a catalog for each exhibition with all the piece information included.

My artwork was accepted into a different exhibition and I need have it back before the end of the FAC exhibition. Is that okay?
No. The artwork will be on display for the run of the exhibition and will not be removed during the time period for any reason. If you wish to have your work in the other exhibition, do not submit your piece to the FAC for inclusion in the exhibition.

What happens if my work sells?
The sold artwork will remain in the exhibition for the remainder of the exhibition. We will handle the transaction with the buyer as well as the artwork transfer. You will be notified when your artwork sells. At the closing of the exhibition, the artist's payment will be submitted to our Bookkeeper. A check will be cut to the name and address you submitted when you entered the exhibition. Expect your payment 4-6 weeks after the close of the exhibition.