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Botanical Art & Photography

I am "Botanical by Nature".  
I am fascinated by the beauty, variety and intricacy of the botanical world. The colors, shapes, and patterns of flowers, leaves, and fruit have inspired artists and crafts people throughout the ages and continue to inspire me. Predominantly a self-taught artist, photographer, designer and gardener, my favorite subjects are the ones that grow around me in nature, in one of my garden plots or encountered on my travels around the country and the world. 

Please join me in my studio at the Foundry Art Centre to share the wonder of plants whether heirloom flowers & vegetables handed down through the generations, familiar cultivated varieties, local natives, or exotics from around the globe. Botanically inspired photography, fine art, fine craft, graphic art, classes and events await you here.

My photography focuses on compelling compositions and vibrantly colored macro images of plants. Landscapes and cityscapes as well as images of architectural ornament with a strong botanical influence are also well represented.

The fine art media in which I work are watercolor, graphite, colored pencil, and pen & ink. I often do renditions of the same subject in all media - first capturing it with photography and then distilling its essence with a line drawing in ink, exploring its form with a graphite tonal drawing, its color with colored pencil and finally rendering a formal watercolor painting or "plant portrait".

My fine craft interests include gourd carving, paper-making (with plant fibers), and printmaking.

Graphic arts pursuits include design of patterns, symbols, logos and abstract interpretations based on organic forms.

Classes will be offered at the studio in botanical drawing and painting, fine craft as well as courses on color theory, composition, creative thinking and other topics of interest to the botanical artist and photographer.

Plants are intertwined in art, science, history, culture, economics, politics, health, medicine, conservation, recreation and more. Lectures, events and excursions exploring and celebrating the role plants and the visual arts play in our lives will also be an integral part of activities at the studio.

I look forward to welcoming you here!

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For More Information contact Jody Williams

Online RegistrationCLICK HERE

To Register by Mail: send check payable to "Botanical By Nature" to Jody Williams - Studios 2 &3, The Foundry Art Centre,  520 North Main Center, St. Charles, MO 63301. Please indicate the class(es) and session(s) for which you are registering and provide you name and contact information. Materials lists will be sent to students upon registration.

New! Botanical Art Comprehensive 3-Day Botanical Art Workshops

Select Weekends - Friday/Saturday 10 am - 5 pm and Sunday noon - 4 pm. Students will be introduced to the genre of botanical art and learn a repeatable approach to observing a botanical subject, creating a compelling composition, completing contour and tonal drawings, basic color theory and watercolor painting techniques.  Seasonal subject matter. Open to all levels, beginning to advanced - no experience required. For all with an interest in plants, pens, pencils & paint. Group & individual instruction in a small class setting. 

January 29-31, February 26-28, March 18-20, April 22-24, or May 20-22. 

$200 (includes materials!)

One Day Workshops - Try Botanical Art 

No experience necessary. Select Saturdays 10 am - 5 pm; try your hand at botanical drawing and painting in these one day workshops. Work from life. Depending on what’s in season - subjects might include orchids, cacti, tulips, daffodils, magnolias, lilacs, peonies, iris, roses, lilies, mushrooms, pine cones, seed pods, fruits, vegetables, fall leaves, pumpkins, gourds,  poinsettias and more. Advance registration required. 

January 16, February 13, March 12, April 9, May 7, June 11, July 16, August 13, September 10, October 8, November 5, December 3. 

$75 per workshop (includes materials!) 

Ongoing Botanical Art Instruction:  

Open to all levels, beginner to advanced - no experience necessary. Personalized instruction.  Begin any time. Register for six 3-hour sessions during one of the following days/times: 

  • Wednesday Mornings, 10 am – 1 pm
  • Wednesday Afternoons, 2 pm – 5 pm
  • Wednesday Evenings, 6 pm – 9 pm
  • Thursday Mornings, 10 am – 1 pm
  • Thursday Afternoons, 2 pm – 5 pm
  • Thursday Evenings, 6 pm – 9 pm

Beginners will learn the basic skills used for botanical drawing and painting through demonstrations and personalized instruction.  More advanced students will improve their skills and increase their confidence taking on increasingly challenging subjects. An overview of the genre, materials, selecting and composing a subject, contour & tonal drawings, perspective, color theory and practice, and watercolor painting techniques are covered. 
Materials list will be sent upon registration. 


Open Studio:  Friday mornings or afternoons. Practice what you've learned in class or just set aside time for you and your art in a beautiful setting among other artists. Individual coaching and peer encouragement. Begin any Friday, attend morning or afternoon (or both!).  Payment is for six 3-hour periods and can be used at any Open Studio time. Ideal for those who travel or need flexibility in scheduling, who work in other media (colored pencil, pen & ink, gouache) for which a specific class is not offered, want to "brush" up on their skills, complete a project or who wish to start mid-session. All experience levels are welcome. $120

Mornings: 10am - 1pm

Afternoons: 2pm - 5pm

All classes are geared to adults. Serious students under the age of 18 should contact Jody prior to registering.

Other group classes and individual instruction available by arrangement:

Botanical Craft: engage in a variety of botanically inspired fine craft projects

Botanical Photography: enjoy and learn the secrets to beautiful botanical photography

Creativity in Art & Life: fun experiential activities to expand your creative side

Friday Focus Workshops 

More in-depth instruction on specific topics of interest to the botanical artist and photographer. 

Select Fridays 10 am – 5 pm.  Sign up for individual workshops to address current challenges or a series to form a foundation for pursuing botanical art studies.

January 22 - Creativity: in Art & Life  

Fun experiential activities to expand your creative side. $75

February 12 - Composition: for botanical artists and photographers.

Explore and practice a variety of approaches to composition. Class includes lecture and hands-on activities to build your confidence and creativity. $75

March 11 - Botany from an Artist’s perspective:  which means “no big words”.  

Learn about plant parts, plant families, what to observe, and what to record in reference sketches and photographs  to enable you to create a beautiful and accurate piece of botanical art as well as recommendations for helpful reference sources online and off.  $75

April 8 - Contour Drawing: for botanical artists. 

Explore and practice a number of techniques for observing and drawing accurate and realistic line drawings of plant subjects in preparation for subsequent paintings or finished drawings. $75

May 6 - Tonal Drawing: for botanical artists.

Explore and practice shading (pencil) to give three-dimensional form to your botanical subjects as a preliminary study for subsequent paintings or as finished drawings. $75

June 10 - Before You Buy: essential supplies for the botanical artist. 

Purchasing art supplies is a big investment. Learn what to look for and what to look out for when buying watercolor paints, paper, brushes and more. Try out a variety of products. $75

July 15 - Color Theory & Practice: for the botanical artist and watercolor painter. 

Learn about hue, saturation and lightness, mixing vibrant colors and achieving rich neutral tones, effective color schemes and more.  $75 (includes materials)

August 12 - That’s a Match!: color mixing for the botanical artist and watercolor painter.

Learn to utilize a 6-color palette to mix and match virtually every color found in your subject. A variety of botanical specimens from saturated hues to dull grays will be available to try your hand at matching by mixing and layering just 6 colors.  $75 (includes materials)

September  9 - Mastering the Wash: the fundamental technique for watercolor painters and botanical artists. 

Learn and practice different techniques for doing flat and graded washes, achieving hard and soft edges, blending colors and avoiding dull overworked areas. $75 (includes materials)

November  4 - Keeping Things in Perspective: for botanical artists.

Explore and practice a variety of techniques for achieving realistic and accurate perspective in your drawings and paintings. $75

All classes are geared to adults. Serious students under the age of 18 should contact Jody prior to registering.