jurors' statement - Albert Yowshien Kuo

The word arbitrary traditionally is defined as a random or personal choice without any reason or system. Often in history what would present itself as arbitrary initially, with time there eventually surfaces various connections towards reason. Much like a cause and effect. Therefore I would like to propose that arbitrary be more closely linked to reaction or as a result of. The artistic process of creating involves decision-making. Much of these decisions are generally arbitrary at first, but in due time their relevance becomes more clear, carrying the weight of newly revealed consciousness’. It was this mindset that the works presented were chosen. These pieces used color to imply personal or cultural motives towards expressing our contemporary place. The works in the show utilized the value of color in fresh, new conversational, and necessary relevance. They served as reactions of our era. I considered with priority the historical relationship color has served and the informed poetic spectacle it provides.