juror's statement - damon mcintyre

I have always viewed the relationship between form and function as being two sides of the same coin. It is a matter of how “function” is defined. I would suggest that most of us understand the term to mean “useful” or relating to something that is doing a specific job or fulfilling a purpose. I am drawn to the mathematical definition of function as a relationship between input and output.

Form can simply mean “to bring together”. This exhibition brings together artists working in all media in an effort to share ideas and communicate impressions of the world around us. The more we share our thoughts and dreams with each other the better we are at understanding our purpose. Art, in this sense, functions as a bridge between the material world and the world of our imaginations. The work chosen for this exhibition was influenced by the way it made me feel. The impression it had on me and the memory it evoked became the guiding light for selecting from a broad range of excellent artwork.

The process artists’ employ to create their work is often a mixture of concept and craft. Input in the form of ideas and output in the form of objects, images, light and sound. As our understanding of the material world expands, our ability to manipulate our environment increases. One important function of art and creative expression is to aid in our psychological development as our technological development increases exponentially. Art and creativity allows us to push ourselves closer and closer to the truth. And the truth is… everything is interconnected.