February 8 - March 22, 2013

accepted artists

Judythe Allen, Roger Boulay, J. Penney Burton, Kunyoung Chang, Elizabeth Concannon, Elizabeth Conn, Tricia Coulson, Bailey Davenport, Miguel de Aguero, Al Denyer, John Dyess, Suzy Farren, Wyn Flo, Nicole Fry, Gaye Gambell-Peterson, Fran Gardner, Carly Glovinski, M.J. Goerke, Sheri Goldsmith, Kathy Gomric, Cynthia Gregory, Sarazen Haile, Karen Hardy, Susan Harmon, Kelly Hendrickson, Sandria Hu Pogue, Jackie Huang, Jedediah Johnson, Greg Kluempers, Ruth Kolker, Carole Kunstadt, Laura Lebeda, Sara Levin, Matthew Litteken, Rob Millard-Mendez, Mary Mosblech, Bonnie Murray, Shirley Nachtrieb, Maya Portner, Joanna Przybylak, Jennifer Rich, Benji Rowan, Naomi Runtz, Mary Russe, Marceline Saphian, Ellen Singer-Vine, Delaney Smith, Leandra Spangler, Carole Spelic', Ryan Stander, Robin Street-Morris, Juliette Travous, Jeane Vogel, Julie VonDerVellen, Travis Wagner, and Glenn Williams.


This juried exhibition is open to all artists working in any media that utilizes paper as an integral component of expression. All two-dimensional and three-dimensional work will be considered.


Betty Shew is a Saint Louis artist who worked for many years as a graphic designer until she discovered paper-casting. She realized for paper-casting fit with her lifelong passion for collecting molds and antique lace. She experimented with the process and began a unique career creating intricate original molds from live flowers and natural objects.